3 Jams Selection (Classical, Rosemary & 7 Spices)

Al Haush

SPREAD some Jam Love with 3 diverse "Marmalades" of our Finest Natural Strawberry Jams combined with our secret ancestral mix of rosemary or seven spices. Our Artisanal Strawberry Jam is low in sugar with no added artificial ingredients, just the irresistible taste of the best strawberries, handpicked to give the authentic taste to our fresh fruit jam. What we can guarantee is a rich experience with every mouthful, which will surely remind you of the fresh farm picked strawberries that Families have loved for many years now…and for a Good Reason!

3 x 170 g
Ingredients: Strawberries 80%, unrefined sugar, fresh lemon juice. Prepared with 80g of fruit per 100g. Rosemary. 7 spices

Collections: FARM SHOP

Category: farm shop, jam, strawberry

Type: Edible

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