Farm living. Rabbit, peacock. t the heart of Al Haush is an organic farm which provides a high proportion of the ingredients used by our kitchens and in our toiletries.

our farm

At the heart of Al Haush is an organic farm which provides the ingredients used by our kitchens.


We collect our own free-range eggs, fruits, nuts, seeds and squeeze cold pressed olive oil.

The sustainable infrastructure at Al Haush provides the backbone for all our activities.

The farmhouse, the gardens, terraces, rooms have all been restored and decorated using environmentally friendly products and materials such as locally sourced stone and reclaimed slate, organic plasters and eco-paints.

Wherever possible, we protect and support our natural environment and use both innovative and traditional farming techniques. We are actively improving the soil conditions and decreasing the need for irrigation.

The heating and hot water systems within the estate are fueled by a mix of solar panels and regular energy. Al Haush manmade basins supply irrigation for the farmland.

To further add to the estate's low-impact environmentally friendly philosophy, Al Haush recycle 80% of its waste. Another positive addition to Al Haush ongoing quest for a greater level of sustainability.


Healthy bees are vital to the well-being of Al Haush and we have taken pains to do everything possible to sustain them.

We tend a broad cross-section of flowers and plants that attract bees, give rise to the finest lavender, sage and multi flowers flavoured honey and help with the pollination of our gardens.

Learn about bee-keeping and the traditional methods for extracting honey and beeswax while understanding the social structure linking the Queen bee, drones and worker bees.


At Al Haush natural and sustainable agricultural growing methods improve the structure of the soil and increase the fertility of the farm, orchards, olive groves, and vegetable gardens.

This type of ‘no harm’ farming and plant production promotes a self-supporting eco-system.

We grow heritage varieties of vegetables and fruits, so that guests can enjoy the freshest ingredients brought to them daily as they are harvested from our gardens.


Our aromatic gardens provide the seasonal flavours and aromas for the restaurants’ dishes.

Our in-house herbalist gathers wild and cultivated herbs for use in the kitchen and for tisanes and scented waters.

We offer tours of the herb gardens and are happy to explain how we use these plants in our menus and products.