Dining Al Fresco. Enjoy farm fresh breakfasts & delicious al-fresco meals. It all starts with home grown fruit and veggies & freshly baked sourdough... Farm to table. Farm to fork. Field to table. de la ferme à la table.


Enjoy farm fresh breakfasts & delicious al-fresco meals.


From late spring to early autumn our traditional Terrace dining offers an informal, relaxed dining experience set within a beautiful garden environment with views on the open fields and the Anti-Lebanon mountain range.

Guests can savour authentic Lebanese and Mediterranean recipes, such as grilled meat, fresh organic salads, few mezzeh, baked pizza cooked in a classic wood fired oven, homemade cakes and fruit tarts from our orchard, together with selected drinks.


The indoor dining experience offer the same refined and innovative menu as Terrace dining. You can sample the same creative and innovative cuisine of the Bekaa terroir where the ingredients take centre stage.

Our cuisine is complimented with an extensive selection of organic and biodynamic drinks from the Bekaa and Lebanon. At Al Haush you will find a sophisticated blend of attentive yet discreet service that defines our philosophy.


At Al Haush we strive to be self sufficient, producing the most natural, seasonal and fresh ingredients which go from farm to plate within a few hours.

We grow olives, cereals from ancient seeds and a large variety of organic crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, assorted salads, zucchini, cauliflower, potatoes and wheat.

Every element of our productive terrain contributes to Al Haush experience.


Dolly GHOSN, The Heart & Soul of Lebanese homecooking

Cheffe Dolly is a self-taught culinary artist passionate about the Lebanese terroir, especially the one of Central Bekaa. Her heartwarming homecooking style brings nostalgic recipes to life, reminiscent of our grandmothers' kitchens.

Dolly draws eternal inspiration from the rich rural traditions and seasonal ingredients of the Bekaa region. She believes food connects us to our roots, turning every meal into a celebration of Lebanese culture.

Join Cheffe Dolly on a culinary journey and savor the authentic tastes of Lebanese homecooking that warm the heart and soul.