Payment methods & currencies? 

Cash, Money transfer service providers (Mainly Western Union, Whish money)

Credit/Debit cards (Mastercard & Visa Only), Bank transfers

USD Cash, Money transfer service providers (Mainly Western Union, Whish money), bank transfer, credit/debit card. A fee will be charged on credit/debit card payments, fees ranges from 3% to 6%.

EUR, GBP Cash and/or bank transfer. 

LBP 100% cash.

Can we pass at Al Haush for a coffee / drink or just have a look at the farm? 
No, Al Haush is exclusively opened for guests sleeping at the farm and their invitees. The infrastructure is exclusively developed around the comfort of in-house guests and their invitees only and we cannot overcrowd the place.


Can we spend the day at Al Haush using the facilities and checking the farm? 

Yes, we only have a limited number of spots available per day and clients can only book them the same day no later than 9 am, they are available on first come first served basis.

Please note these spaces are only available if the in-house guests decided not to bring invitees. The day pass price is for $30 per person (From the age of 10 onwards) and $20 (Between the age of 3 and 10). Day pass price includes a self-service station serving all day coffee, tea, syrups and few snacks, access to the pool, pool towels and access to all other facilities. 


Can in-house guests invite people to join them for a coffee / drink, lunch, dinner or the pool? 

Yes, but guests are asked to notify management of their arrival at least 1 day before arrival. Al Haush is a place synonymous with calm and tranquility, therefore, we have a limited number of places for invitees, as we do not want to overcrowd the facility. Please note, if in-house guests are going to bring invitees, a flat entrance fee of $10 will be charged per person from the age of 3 upwards. This charge is increased to $30 for use of the pool.


Please justify the flat entrance fee of $10 for people joining the in-house guests? 

This is mainly to cover the cost of the all-day station in the lobby which is complimentary to in-house guests. This self service station serves coffee, tea and syrups all day long with no limitations.


Can we have an idea on the room prices and what they include? 

For sure, please get in touch on our WhatsApp number (+961 76 884 474) for prices, by sending us the date(s) you are interested in, the number of adults, age and number of kids and infants. Prices includes tax, breakfast, a self service station open all day serving coffee, tea and syrups, all the non priced activities listed under "ACTIVITIES" section on our website and access to all facilities including the pools.


What is the maximum capacity in a room? 

A room can take a maximum of 5 persons (Including infants and babies). 


When you say a person what do you mean? 

Any person sleeping in a room including babies, infants, toddlers, kids or adults.


Do you have several type of rooms? 

Yes, we have 3 types of rooms. Courtyard view rooms, Garden view rooms and Deer view rooms. Courtyard view are the most accessible from price point of view and Deer view are the most expensive. Room rate depends on how many persons sleeps in the room. 

How are the room configured (arranged) and equipped with? 

All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, heaters, and smoke detectors. Each room has its own private bathroom and one big space where the beds and/or toddlers cribs are arranged in. Room space is only one space in other words there is no partitions in the room. If you have concerns regarding privacy (Sharing the same space and the same bathroom) better to take 2 rooms. All rooms come with a private seating area (A table and few chairs) in front of it.


Do you have communicating rooms? 

No but we can give you adjacent rooms prioritizing families.


Do you charge for infants and babies? 

We do not charge for babies and infants up to 2 years inclusive. We charge from the age of 3 onwards $55 inclusive of tax and breakfast


So you charge per room or per person? 

Our basic room rate is for single or double occupancy and each additional person from the third person onwards (Aged 3 and above) will be charged $55 even if he or she does not use an extra bed.


Can we know the check in time and checkout time? 

You can come at the time you wish and leave at the time you wish but the room is not guaranteed available before 15:00 and the second day we would need the room at 12 noon. Please note we have changing rooms and showers at the disposal of guests checking in and checking out permitting them to enjoy the day at Al Haush even when they do not have their room. 


What are the activities available for in-house guests? 

All activities are listed under “ACTIVITIES” section (  Activities with no prices are included with the room prices, activities with prices will be charged to your room in case you decided to take part in them.


Is there a play area for in-house kids? 

We offer a farm and garden experience; children love the animals and space outside.


Do we need to book activities for in-house guests in advance? 

No need to book most of the activities in advance with the exception of Yoga (It has to be booked 4 days before arrival) and Painting (1 day before arrival). All other activities are at your own convenient time or on a specific schedule that you can join with no booking.


Is TV available in any location within Al Haush? 

No TV is not available neither in the rooms nor in any public space.


Is internet (WIFI) available at Al Haush? 

Yes in most locations


Is music or device sounds allowed at Al Haush? 

We value the tranquility and privacy of our guests, therefore music and any other device sounds (Such as short movies or social media) is only allowed through earphones of your personal devices in all public spaces. Music is allowed only if the guesthouse is privatized totally.


Is smoking allowed at Al Haush? 

Smoking inside of all rooms and indoor spaces is not allowed, a fine of $75 will be charged if this is not respected. Shishas are strictly prohibited.


Can we get food with us? 

Food from outside is strictly prohibited, Al Haush has a farm to table restaurant with fresh ingredients sourced primarily from its own fields, gardens and orchards. Timing of the restaurant is almost nonstop from 8 am to 10:30 pm. In addition, our complimentary self service station serves, coffee, tea, syrups, water and snacks and is open 24h and located in the lobby area.           

Outside food is only allowed in case of specific dietary requirements. Snacks such as chocolate, biscuits, chips and fruits are acceptable to bring.


Can we get our own drinks? 

Al Haush serves an extensive drinks menu and have a full bar but if you wish to bring your own drinks, please feel free to do so. Please note we will be charging a corkage fee of $10 per bottle and $3 per ice bucket and $2 for any juice, water or soft drink bottles / cans.


Is the farm wheelchair friendly? 

Al Haush offers a farm and garden experience engaging all the senses. The extent and nature of the garden, with uneven paths of gravel, pips, and sticks, make it very challenging for wheelchairs. However, we do help with uneven paths of gravel, pips and sticks, make it very challenging for wheelchairs. However, we do help with access to our terraces and restaurant all on the first floor and with extensive views of the estate and the mountains and would love to assist. All rooms, reception area, gardens, farm shop and agroworkshop are one the ground floor and are easy access with no help or minor assistance from any staff member.


How old is the farm? 

The farm dates back to 1942. The oldest building was erected in 1945 when the Saab grandfather, Salim bought his land in the Centre of Bekaa and planted the seeds of his memories in thousands of acres of virgin green land. The farm became the summer residence of many Saab generations, collecting moments of a family raised with a deep love for nature, and inspired by the touch of each of its members. The family embarked on a painstaking restoration and rejuvenation of all the buildings, gardens and surrounding acreage. Al Haush opened its doors to the public in May 2017.


What else is being farmed outside the current skirt of the guesthouse? 

We grow olives for our production of extra virgin olive oil, damascene roses for rose water, lavender for our lavender derivate products, potato and wheat. We also grow our own grapes, stone fruits such as plums, apricot, nectarine and peaches, as well as our own winter and summer vegetables for our farm shop and farm to table restaurant.

We have our own beehives and harvest a raw honey based on lavender, firethorn, sage and thistles. We have as well our own free range chicken mainly for eggs and occasionally for poultry as well as sheep (Meat and dairy products) and fallow dears for meat.


Where does the name come from? 

The “Haushs” (Plural of Haush) in the collective imagination of the Lebanese in general and people from the Bekaa in particular, are part of their identity with more than 18 Haushs spread from Hermel in the North Bekaa and down to Rashaya in the West Bekaa.

Al Haush historically is a small village made of mud inhabited by people who work in agricultural lands during spring and summer. The Haush consists of detached mud houses with a yard in-between and the following features:

  • A tandoor for bread baking
  • A house barn to accommodate farm animals (Cows, sheep, goats, chicken, pigeons, donkeys, mules and horses (for breeding and rooting))
  • A mud building that is used for storage (grain and hay (animal's food))
  • A divided house barn that is dedicated for the use of families inhabiting the Haush.

Our Haush, Al Haush is located in a small village in the caza of Zahle by the name of Houch El Ghanam.  

What does the logo represent? 

Al Haush logo, which consists of the name Al Haush written in Arabic (Representing part of the village name, Houch el Ghanam, where Al Haush is located), combines the very essence of Al Haush – keeping things simple and as true to the earth as possible.