Flower Enchantment

Flower Enchantment

May 04, 2021

Stay 3 Nights and Pay only for 2
Offer valid until 30 June 2021 for 3 consecutive nights. Rate includes: tax, breakfast and selection of beverages & snacks.



Flower Enchantment

Come and discover the beauty of nature! You may not know it, but Al Haush has some of the finest Edible Flowers growing right in its widespread fields! Come discover the dazzling set of flowers and experience the magnificence of nature at Al Haush Agritourism!

“Edible flowers have many culinary uses! Sought after for their flavors, aromas, textures and striking colors,” Everywhere in the world, both historically and in contemporary cuisines, the use of flowers in food has been especially exceptional and the flowers themselves have always been included with intent and care, never accidentally or without purpose.  Flowers are used in food by people who care about you, and who care about the beauty of what you are about to drink…and that place is Al Haush!



The Everlasting Love Story with Rosa Damascena

Rosa Damascena, known as the Lebanese Queen of Flowers also recognized as Ward Joury is used in some of the finest Lebanese delectable food and drinks served in every Lebanese home. It adds such a divine fragrance to food and is infused with some of the finest teas giving it an exquisite taste. It is from this rose that petals are distilled to make rose water, rose syrup and rose mist that is used as a facial skin toner.

These extravagant flowers are also harvested for rose oil which is used in perfumery, flavoring of desserts such as ice cream, jam, rice pudding, yogurt, and much more. For centuries, the Damask rose has symbolized beauty and love whereby its fragrance has been captured and preserved by a method that can be traced to ancient time.

Al Haush has its own produce of roses, come see them bloom during the month of May and watch our video on how they are picked and distilled.

Experience the Everlasting Love Story of Rosa Damascena this May at Al Haush!


Elderflowers are Popping up Everywhere at the Moment! 

Elderflowers are sprouting everywhere at AL Haush and we are excited to offer our signature Elderflower cordial which is a great base for summer drinks and cocktails with a very distinctive, subtle flowery taste.

In addition to the delightful cordial, there are loads of things you can do with elderflowers, ranging from cakes and sparkling wine to elderflower hollandaise or even elderflower tempura!

Other than having a glass of enjoyable elderflower cordial on a hot summer's day, these flowers are celebrated for their health benefits!

You can find them near our pool area, next to the barn room and Duck pond.



Did Someone Say Pool?!

Yes, it’s Pool Time at Al Haush and we are extremely eager to announce the opening of our pool side area on May 1st with pool splashes, strawberry slushes and lemonade squeezes in the summer breezes!

AL Haush offers both an adult only pool area surrounded by nature’s beauty as well as a family pool in the middle of the orchard confined by assorted fruit trees facing our friendly deers.

At Al Haush, safety remains a constant priority towards our valued guests by ensuring all safety measures are applied and you and your loved ones are safe at all times.

Let’s make a splash to celebrate  sunny season and join our poolside for cocktails, food, and sun!



A Sneak Peek at Our Adorable Baby Chicks!

Baby Chick Steps Every Day!

Curious to know how our first batch of baby chicks are doing?! Well they are doing great and they are cuter than ever! Our month-old chicks are still running around the grass, growing healthier and stronger!

To best transition chicks into flocks, we provide comfort, care and complete nutrition from day one. The actions we take at Al Haush before chicks arrive and the care we provide in the first few days, help set-up our chicks to be happy and healthy.

If You Missed it, the First Time, Well It’s Happening Again!

If you missed the arrival of our adorable first batch of chicks, our second batch is on the way and we are waiting for you to come and witness their arrival.





Off Houch El Ghanam main street
Houch El Ghanam, Caza of Zahle
Advance bookings only

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