Spring Begins - Find out What’s Happening!

Spring Begins - Find out What’s Happening!

March 30, 2021

Blossom by Blossom,

Spring Begins at Al Haush

Find out What’s Happening! 

Spring is approaching fast! We are witnessing the rebirth and awakening of Al Haush’s abundant harvest season. Many trees are blossoming and early flowers are pushing out of the earth. Things are finally coming back to life once again!

If you are looking for an extraordinary experience this Spring, away from all the modern hotel lobbies and fancy resorts; perhaps it's time to break free from all civilization ties and connect with nature at its best at Al Haush. Whether it’s experiencing life on our farm, mingling with our friendly animals or participating in our educational agro-workshops, there are plentiful activities for you and your family seeking a respite from the bustle and stress of the city.

An agritourism getaway could be the antidote you have been searching for!



News Alerts!

Our Baby Chicks Are Hatching in Numbers!

The weather is finally warming up and our farm is celebrating Spring with our “dear baby chicks” hatching in numbers. Mama hens are gracefully laying bountiful supply of eggs once again. Our precious baby chicks are so cute yet so fragile at this stage.

A single chick can take hours to pip its way through its shell and all clutch’s eggs should hatch within 20 hours of the first chick’s emergence. 

When all eggs have hatched, it’s time to move the little chicks to their brooder. We place the mother in first giving way for the little chicks ensuring they are healthy. We then gently tuck each baby chick beneath the hens wings until they are all clustered together again.

Here they are finally, happy and healthy chicks wandering spontaneously around the farm, dotting their lawn, eating small insects and roaming freely in fresh air!



It’s the Season For Our Farm Fresh Strawberries

It’s the Season

For Our Farm Fresh Strawberries

We are celebrating the beginning of the strawberry season at the farm. So hurry up and join us in picking the finest strawberries in the country while watching the “Queen of Mouneh” Nisrine making her divine strawberry jam and divulging her ancestral original recipes mixed with rosemary or seven spices. If you are unable to make it to our farm, worry not ! We will happily deliver our fresh products right to you doorstep! Order It directly from our “farm shop”.

Our artisanal strawberry jam is 100% natural and free from any artificial ingredients. Experience the irresistible taste of the best hand-picked strawberries giving the authentic taste to our fruit jam. Families have been enjoying our Strawberry for a long time now, and for a good reason! With just the right balance of fruits and sweetness, our jam blend guarantees preserving the natural flavor of strawberries. Every mouthful will surely take you on a dream and bring back amazing memories!

We enjoy a reputation of being empathetic to nature that provides us with plentiful to be thankful for!





Egg hunt…

Easter is less than 1 week away and we are so excited to celebrate with our in-house guests by offering our classical Egg Hunt activities, rabbit house visit and More Easter Fun!

Our activities feature interactive Easter Egg Hunt experiences for kids and baby chicks who are at heart! Get ready to Hunt for delicious chocolate eggs spread in more than 400 square meters of beautiful green space.

We are so excited to welcome all of our adorable egg hunters and their families who will be joining the fun! Following the Egg Hunt, Jad, our food enthusiast will be cooking up his exquisite signature dishes with a twist that will include Roasted Fallow Deer with the authentic Lebanese Frikeh dish, freshly prepared alongside other gourmet dishes guaranteed to have you asking for more! Nothing says “Special Occasion” like a perfect dish!

Easter is always a wonderful occasion for families to spend quality time with their loved ones in the perfect ambiance, eat heartwarming food and celebrate fresh new beginnings!




A Reminder of Who We Are!

A Reminder of Who We Are!

There’s no place like home! And that’s the exact experience we guarantee at AL Haush Agritourism. This beautifully situated country estate which lies deep in the heart of Central Bekaa valley, is a working farm with a guesthouse offering a farm to table dining experience, a farm shop, and a facility that hosts corporate events, variety of functions, intimate private parties and weddings.

Al Haush offers an exciting alternative to traditional holiday getaways. You'll venture out to the wilder side of nature, surrounded by beauty and with numerous activities right at your doorstep!

There’s a little something for everyone when you embark on an agritourism adventure!



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